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Restoring Mental Health and Wellness
Counseling Services 

Individual Counseling

CLCTS, LLC offers counseling for individuals across the age and gender spectrum. We use therapy approaches that are culturally-affirming, trauma-informed, and decolonized to meet your needs. We support clients in multiple areas of mental health and wellness including healing unresolved soul wounds, building new skills to cope with emotional distress, managing relationships, life transitions, and addressing barriers to thriving in every aspect of life. Let CLCTS, LLC help you thrive!

Areas of focus in counseling may include: anxiety, career planning, cultural identity development, depression, interpersonal conflicts, parenting stress, race-based stress, and trauma. 

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling at CLCTS, LLC focuses on emotional attachment issues to help couples reconnect and increase intimacy in their relationship. Many couples find that once they feel heard and expectations are understood they are more willing and effective in resolving their relationship problems. Start your journey toward a better connection today!

Areas of focus in couples counseling may include: communication problems, gender and cultural role fragmentation, infidelity, intimacy, individual wellness issues, intimate partner violence (IPV), and unresolved attachment injury.

Family Counseling

CLCTS, LLC offers family counseling that supports cooperative cultural family systems. This approach aims to help family members address destructive patterns within the family system to foster a deeper sense of connection and belonging. Build a stronger and healthier family today. 

Areas of focus in family counseling may include: blending, communication, cultural and generational conflict, domestic violence, emotional estrangement, parenting, and role clarification.

Perinatal Mental Health Counseling

CLCTS, LLC offers perinatal mental health (PMH) counseling to address mental health concerns related to pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, and perinatal loss. CLCTS, LLC hold space for perinatal clients to openly talk about their experiences,  identify their underlined emotional distress, and strength their support systems. Click here to learn more about PMH or request an appointment below. 

Areas of focus in PMH counseling may include: anxiety, depression, domestic and intimate partner violence (IPV), obsessive-compulsive disorder, parenting, posttraumatic stress, structural racism, relationship problems, and sleep problems. 

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