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Company Overview

Connected Living Counseling & Therapeutic Services (CLCTS), LLC is a mental health and wellness company in Illinois. We help individuals, families, and communities thrive through the use of culturally responsive mental and behavioral health counseling and related services. CLCTS, LLC specializes in mental health care during the perinatal period (preconception through postpartum). CLCTS, LLC also offers community training and educational support to professional counselors and counselors in training.  

We currently provide services via telehealth video only.

Our Approach

Inspired by the lotus flower and the power of human resilience, CLCTS, LLC was founded to help individuals and communities rise through life's murky waters. We believe that the divine essence and knowings of a person or people are never lost but may require support to unearth and activate its beauty. CLCTS, LLC provides support to achieve positive mental health. Our approach to mental health and wellness is centered around three key principles: connectedness, competency, and consciousness. Each of these areas is considered within the contexts of the client's culture and developmental stage, as well as the therapist's treatment modality. 

Connectedness (THRIVE) - We are all trying to find our village and our place in it. It is well understood that humans desire to feel accepted, supported, and connected to their social environment. It is this sense of belonging that promotes positive self-esteem, cultural identity, self-worth, and overall mental health. CLCTS, LLC helps clients identify when and where the disconnection to self and others occurred and discover new ways of reconnecting.

Competency (GROW) - Building connectedness requires skill or competency. The competencies needed for healthy human functioning may include emotional coping skills, communication skills, social skills, flexibility, and effective decision-making skills, among others. We recognize that these skills may vary based on the client's individual experiences and cultural values, beliefs, and norms. Skill development is essential for establishing wellness practices that promote spiritual and emotional growth.     

Consciousness (HEAL) - We believe that conscious awareness (consciousness) is the foundational building block for competency and connectedness. The consciousness of one's internal (e.g., thoughts, emotions, and physical health) and external (e.g., relationships, environment) experiences is a precursor for the identification of skills and building connection with self and others. Racial consciousness and cultural awareness may be critical components of this process for BIPOC individuals. CLCTS, LLC therapists help clients raise their conscious awareness to identify barriers to wellness. We give particular focus to the influences of culture and trauma as we guide clients through their healing process.  

The lotus flower grows in dark muddy waters and yet its beauty is undamaged, its healing agency undiminished, and its spirit unbroken. We also have the power to thrive through dark experiences and life's inevitable challenges.
You CAN heal, grow, and thrive!

Shoshanah Yehudah, Ph.D., LCPC, PMH-C, NCC, CCMHC

Be Strong. Seek Help.

Meet Our Founder, Clinical Director, & Lead Therapist

Dr. Shoshanah Yehudah (She/Her) is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) in Illinois. Dr. Yehudah's areas of clinical focus include perinatal mental health, childhood trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. Her experience includes work with families in foster care and as a behavioral health consultant in medical and telehealth settings. Dr. Yehudah is passionate about advancing clinical care in perinatal mental health and cultural competency in counseling.


Dr. Yehudah practices integrative psychotherapy. She draws from heavily the Ubuntu theoretical approach to positive mental health and other trauma-informed therapies to help clients become aware of the barriers to their healing, growth, and sustaining authentic connections with themselves and others. Dr. Yehudah is trained in EMDR, Trauma-Focused CBT, and Reiki.


Dr. Yehudah is certified in perinatal mental health by Postpartum Support International (PSI) and board certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) as a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC). 


  • Governors State University - Ph.D. Counselor Education & Supervision

  • Chicago State University - M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Northwestern University - B.S. Education & Social Policy

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